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"It's rather about Art taking through a theoretical horizon the realm of human interactions and its social context than the assertion of an independent and private symbolic space."

Farhad Bahram, founded GMOA in 2009, is an independent curator, photographer and social artist currently based in Oregon, United States. Through Art expression he manages to define facets of life colliding with the nature of reality, perceived independently of the metaphors used or the means employed to one's end.

He still works to share that research with the public and scholarly community through exhibitions and publications. As a graduate teaching fellow in the Department of Art, at the University of Oregon, he has been awarded an Oregon University System Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (Sylff) for International Research for the Reversality project.

"In a direct relation to the selection of works, I do strive for an authentic representation of the pertinent elements depicted by the Artists, from content to context."

Georges Hattab is a PhD candidate in Bioimage Informatics as well as an independent curator, a street photographer and an Art appreciator. He strongly believes that a greater good can be made through directed Art collaborations. Such actions could serve as a sample from our World, "to demonstrate our Humanity."

Through multiple collaborative activities, such as book publications and group exhibitions, he seeks to establish a solid yet open ground for discussion. This by putting forward thought provoking content in an appropriate context to concretise a variety of intimate and unconventional settings.

"What we call Art today went far beyond aesthetics in the past. The entire act of artistic work represents a specific function of the human psyche which from contemplation leads to inspiration and finally to creation. The source of this act, the state of inspiration, takes us deep into the treasures and dangers of the unconscious, posing many questions and possibly answers to our otherwise enigmatic existence."

Kevin Nazar is a Professional International consultant on Indigenous Peoples Rights as well as a Surrealist Painter and Experimental Photographer. He is currently residing in Washington, D.C., working for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. His artistic work has been exhibited in several events in Canada and Colombia and his themes revolve around the unconscious projection of archetypal contents in the artistic artifact.

Having led a nomadic way of life through 5 different countries he strives to find the common archetypal ground which inspires all cultures alike, not only to create art, but as a source of psychological life. Conscious of the precarious position of the Self in the current collective frenzy of globalization, he has the firm belief that the act of artistic work is a window to the most essential of archetypes, the undiscovered Self.